Respite from the rain


Image © The West Room


It’s pouring with rain and winter is trying very hard to make it’s presence felt. The snow gates are being closed up North and my new Walk Everywhere™ routine is being seriously dampened by the Edinburgh wind and rain. I decide to abandon my walk home and duck into The West Room on Melville Place for a little respite.

I’ve been in here once before and sampled the delights of the cocktail list but in my every so slightly squiffy state didn’t take a whole lot of notice of the decor. I do now, and I like it.

The interior is Arts and Crafts with a modern twist; old panelled doors hung with glass shelves make up the bar back, the walls are bare brick and teal wood panelling. Enormous Morris print lampshades softly light the seating area and make me feel a little like Alice in her oversized wonderland.

The bar is busier than expected for a Monday afternoon, I get the feeling that this is not just a lively bar in the evenings but a favourite stop off for business types to get a caffeine fix and for a chilled catch up over a cup of tea with friends.

It seems that I have just missed the chef so a late lunch is off the cards but the cheery barmaid is more than happy to rustle up a toastie for me. When it arrives I’m glad that I missed out on lunch, although the menu did sound delicious. (Panko fish finger sandwiches, Sausages with mash and yorkies, and Clava and cherry tomato tart all appeal).

Back to the toastie. Crispy white bread envelopes tart mature cheddar cheese and a slab of really good ham – home made with the rind still on – and a far from stingy helping of pickle. Yum. It takes no time at all to demolish and despite being full I contemplate ordering a second to savour the taste all over again. Then joy of joys, I spy a bourbon biscuit peeking out from behind my tea cup; it seems that pudding is on the house!

Thoroughly recommended at any time of the day, I can see this place becoming a firm favourite of mine.

Tea and a toastie: £4.60

The West Room, 3 Melville Place, Edinburgh. Tel: 0131 629 9868


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