A quick Tuesday teatime treat

Born from starving students days and a need to eat using a very random selection of ingredients from the cupboard! Tinkered with over the years to become a rather different, delightful and light pasta dish. Think of it like a pea pesto from Blighty…

1 Can mushy peas (at the moment we love Batchelors chip shop style)
100g Pancetta cubes, smoked if you can find it
1tbsp Cider vinegar
1 Garlic clove, crushed
1 Small red chilli deseeded and chopped
Lots of pepper, freshly ground
Lots of pecorino, grated
Enough linguine or tagliatelle for two people

Get your pasta cooking in lots of salted water. While it is cooking fry off the pancetta, when it starts to colour add the garlic and chilli. Then add the vinegar and mushy peas, stir in the grated pecorino and turn the heat down low – the cooking is over we’re just keeping things warm now. When the pasta is cooked add three of four spoonfuls of the cooking water water into the pea mix. Drain the pasta then stir through the sauce.

For a veggie version leave out the pancetta, for pescetarians use small prawns instead. For both of these alternatives add a good pinch of salt to flavour it up.

This also makes a wonderful side dish to accompany pan fried fish such as haddock or coley. If you’re feeling really posh use the same quantities but split between four and top with pan fried scallops for a delicious starter.


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