Stovies Food Favourites #2: Taylors Mustard

We’ve mentioned it a couple of times before in recipes but we really can’t sing the praises of this condiment enough. Smooth, tasty and not overly nippy this mustard could be licked off the spoon without risking third degree burns. And you’d love it. Just a whiff is enough to make your mouth water!

Originally borne of Newton Pagnell (near Milton Keynes, land of roundabouts) Taylors is now made near Glasgow and we’ll happily champion it as a Scottish sensation.

Less vinegary than Colemans, more mellow and flavoursome than Dijon, it’s great in a sandwich, slathered on any roast or spread on a sausage.

Pick it up in any self respecting supermaket now.


4 thoughts on “Stovies Food Favourites #2: Taylors Mustard

  1. This is a superb product, and one of the few (IMHO) which is worth importing into France from the UK. My problem is, my English food “mule” used to get it from Sainsburys and they don’t seem to stock it any more, not is it on the websites of any of their competitors, as far as I can see. Has it gone completely, or is it merely more rare?

    • It’s now missing from Sainsburys here too! found an online deli with it though so I think it has just become more difficult to find. Sad times indeed 😦

  2. I am currently on the search for Taylors – the website is pretty unimpressive and there is no reply from the email – it doesn’t work. Something is amiss…. I knowof other Taylor fans also deeply disturbed by lack of said condiment….

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