A-har me harties!

Image © Seadogs

The Stovies team were recently invited to an evening out with friends at Sea Dogs in Edinburgh. Not ones to miss a trick in eating somewhere new we jumped at the chance, especially as Sea Dogs had been in our sights for a while…

We started the evening meeting for drinks in The Underdogs, the ‘waiting room’ of sorts for the Dogs’ collection of restaurants around Edinburgh. If you haven’t been in it’s pleasantly kitted out with ramshakle lamps, mis-matched sofas and doggy themed artwork; great for lounging with a large G&T. The short walk up to Rose Street helps to work up the appetite too.

We here at Stovies LOVE sea food (odd that we have few fishy recipes though, we must work on that) fried, baked, steamed, curried, raw – line it up and we’ll demolish it. The idea behind Sea Dogs is that it’s a fish and chip shop that you can dine in…in comfort. The decor is simple, relatively stylish and has some awesome crustacea based wallpaper! Our (somewhat large) group were seated and drinks orders placed.

The menu is fairly small but manages to fit in a healthy range of fish based dishes – there were even a couple of non fish options available (of which I am informed that the veggy paella was particularly tasty). Team stovies ordered spiced whitebait and a cullen skink to start with. The whitebait was lovely, still moist and served with a very punchy aioli. The cullen skink was beautiful, rich and smokey and would put my grannys to shame, thankfully she doesn’t have the internet so will never find out I said that….

Mains arrived after a nicely timed eating break, well, most of them arrived. One of our groups order had been left off but thankfully our waiter dealt with this perfectly and was very apologetic. As mentioned at the start Sea Dogs is a fish and chip shop. The twist is offering a selection of fish and coatings to choose from to make your optimum fish and chip selection. I opted for smoked hake in beer batter, battered and fried smoked fish being one of my favourite things and something rarely seen outside of the Stovies kitchen! The batter was beautifully crispy, the portion size was spot on but the delight here was the massive pile of mushy peas and homemade tartare sauce. Fishy, chippy, heaven. I even convinced the non fish eating member of the group to try some. Score one for the pescatarians!

Mrs Stovies chose stuffed salmon with lemon butter. Although tasty the dish as a whole was very rich and a little heavy. The skirlie stuffing was a hit and the salmon was perfectly cooked but the purple potatoes didn’t go down so well. I suspect she was having a fussy moment as another member of our our group had the same and thought it was spot on. We are sad to report that nobody had space for pudding…

Sea Dogs is an excellent option for dining out in Edinburgh, simple, no frills but good, honest food. The service we received was great and problems were dealt with efficiently. The pleasant surprise at the end of the meal was how reasonably priced it was – £27 a head including tip for 2 courses and lots of vino. We even had a flurry of kisses blown at us from our waiter as he finished his shift and left, priceless!

seadogs, 43 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 2NH. Tel:0131 225 8028



One thought on “A-har me harties!

  1. I visited Seadogs in the summer and had an amazing time. The fish pie was to die for, the atmosphere was light and friendly and the owner is a quite a character. I’ve been looking forward to my next visit ever since!


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