Quite probably the best fish in town!

The Ship, in Leith’s trendy shore area is touted as a ‘seafood restaurant and champagne bar’ and you know, they aren’t kidding either. The fish and chip menu has several unusual and discerning side options on offer – a bottle of Veuve perhaps, Krug? Decadent booze treats aside, The Ship is gradually becoming one one of Team Stovies’ favourite haunts. The surroundings are perfect for any occasion from a long and lazy Sunday lunch, to a romantic dinner with dark wood panelling, fresh white roses on the tables and oceanic charts in place of wallpaper, there’s a real sense of intimacy and calm conducive to good conversation.

Image © The Ship

We were greeted with a warm welcome as always, and left to peruse the menus. This is one restaurant where you never feel rushed. Even when it’s hoaching, which is both charming and refreshing in the churn and burn society we live in. Drinks in hand we settled back to decide on eats. Although we had only intended to have main courses, a half pint of shell on native prawns and some steamed surf clams with spanish ham were too delicious sounding to miss. They didn’t disappoint either. The prawns, served simply with lemon mayonnaise, reminded us why prawn cocktail once ruled the starter world and the clams were amongst the best we have ever had. Rich with bacon, wine and garlic sauce but wonderfully light at the same time! The only problem is they have quite probably spoiled all other clam dishes for life!

As this was the last meal out before Baby Stovies arrived, the good lady opted for a real treat of Shetland langoustines with garlic butter and Ship’s chips. The three grilled crustaceans were monstrous in size, melt in the mouth, meaty and delightfully sweet. On the other side of the table, a classic of lobster thermidor arrived with an apology from the chef – the lobsters were a little small today so he’d served up two halves instead. Was this ok? Oh yes! Rich and cheesy yet still light enough for the plate to be squeaky clean, the accompanying Ship’s chips were just the right kind of chunky to mop up any surplus sauce. Both dishes came with a house salad, which we feel deserves a mention for being so well executed – vinaigrette dressed rocket and green leaves with posh deseeded cucumber, red onion and peppers, it’s always a perfect match to the seafood here.

No space for pudding, She: too full of baby; He: lobstered to the max. We’ll save room for it next time though, when we’re back with the baby.

Fishy good times + drinks £70.00

The Ship on The Shore, Leith. Tel: 0131 555 0409 http://www.theshipontheshore.co.uk/


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