You can’t have a decent movie night without popcorn right? We settled down for a bit of a movie marathon recently and rather than plumping for the easy option of homemade salted popcorn (simply pop the corn in with a good chunk of salted butter. Anchor is good for flavour) Mrs Stovies tried to devise her own recipe for cinema style sweet popcorn. The stuff from the counter, not the toffee one that comes in a bag. After a couple of failed attempts here’s the recipe that worked, and boy was it good. Crunchy, hot and sweet enough but not toothache inducing. Munch away, just don’t rustle too much!

Cinema Style Sweet Popcorn

2 handfuls Corn kernals
50g Caster sugar
75ml Water
25g Butter
1-2tsp Vanilla syrup (3-4 drops Vanilla extract if you don’t have the coffee shop type syrup around)

First get the popcorn on the go. Put the kernels into the biggest pan you own, with the lid on. No oil, no butter, nothing. Sit on a medium flame/heat and wait with baited breath for the pops to start. When the pops become infrequent, turn off the heat and leave to sit, with the lid on while you do the sugary bit.

In a small saucepan bring the sugar and water up to the boil, keep it going until the liquid turns golden. When it does drop in the vanilla and butter and keeps stirring while it melts together. When you’re ready pour this over the warm popcorn and stir like a mad thing to coat all of the popped corn before it sets.

Pour into a big bowl and share over a good movie.


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