Stovies’ Mouthwatering Mango Cod

This may be an odd creation but it is a brilliant one. When the weather was awesome a few weeks ago it seemed like the perfect middle class concoction to celebrate the sunshine. Cook at home or over a BBQ in the park.ImageMango Cod
Serves 4

2 Smoked cod fillets
1 tsp Dried chilli flakes
2 tbsp Mango chutney
200g Pancetta slices (or thinly cut streaky bacon)

Cut the fillets in half length ways. Now, we shouldn’t ever have to say this but if you are using smoked fish that is the colour of fake tan then just stop cooking right now and have a word with yourself. Anyway, lay the slices of pancetta out in four sections, each big enough to wrap the halved fillets.

Place (plaice?) the fish on top of the pancetta, spread evenly with mango and sprinkle with chilli. Wrap the pancetta gently, yet tightly around the fish.

If you are barbecuing these they will only take about ten minutes, just turn them every so often to ensure even cooking and that they aren’t sticking, even better, cook on top of a sheet of tinfoil.

If cooking at home lightly oil a baking sheet and lay out the wrapped fish. Bake in a preheated oven at gas 6 for around 15 minutes.

Serve with a nice crisp, fresh salad. Or in a flatbread. Or sliced cheffily and on a plate with some lentils. Or with roasted toms and braised lettuce. We could go on but you get the idea.


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