Team Stovies took a toddle along to Stockbridge Market today and were delighted to find ‘The Marshmallow Lady’ hosting a stall.

We took the opportunity to taste some of her wares and my oh my were they good. Our top two bite sized tasters were passion fruit and lemon meringue, both light, pillowy and very very fruity.

We scarpered home with a bag of Oreo Cookie mallows for the princely sum of £2.50. The proof is in the pudding however as the cookie encrusted clouds lasted less than five minutes and were a world away from a packet of flumps.

We’re looking forward to trying out more flavours soon, especially when The Marshmallow Lady’s cafe opens on Rodney Street at the end of June. Until then we’ll have to hope to bump into her again at the market soon.



Stovies Food Favourites #4: Rekorderlig Winter Cider

Cold wintery evenings call for cozying up by the fire with a warming tipple. You might fancy a Hot Toddie or mulled wine but in Stovies house nothing beats a mulled cider.

We stumbled upon this during a recent supermarket jaunt and were mightily impressed, despite having been prepared for something rather unpleasant – previous experience of pre mulled wine / spiced loo cleaner being our reference point.

Rekorderlig’s everyday cider is a pleasant and crisp tipple which we enjoyed plenty of at Taste of Edinburgh this summer. The addition of vanilla and cinnamon is a pleasant evolution. It makes for a much sweeter taste which doesn’t work amazingly when drunk cold, hot however is another story. Fragrant, fruity, homely and festive, it’s a hug in a mug.

We tried tarted ours up a little by adding a star anise and some grated nutmeg whilst we were warming it in the pan. You could add any spice combo you like really but the beauty of this beverage is that it is ready to go provided you have a bottle opener to hand. You could even do the warming in the microwave.

We made our discovery in Lidl setting us back abut £1.50. You may find it in other large supermarkets and local wine shoppes. We’ve even heard that it’s being served in bars around town.

Chin chin.

Stovies Food Favourites #3: Stovetop Coffee Pot

It’s been ages since we’ve had one of these food favourite sections, this is definitely a Mr Stovies fave though – Mrs Stovies goes doolally if she gets even a whiff of coffee so she’s banned.

I love coffee. Scratch that. I love good coffee, bad coffee can really upset me. My favourite kitchen toy for making fantastic coffee isn’t some uber pricey machine though, it’s a handy stove top espresso pot that picked up at a car boot sale for a fiver. It’s my faithful friend when i’m working and when combined with some Artisan Roast Monsooned Malibar it makes me wonder why people pay through the nose for a frothy wothy mochacino from Starbucks…

Stovies Food Favourites #2: Taylors Mustard

We’ve mentioned it a couple of times before in recipes but we really can’t sing the praises of this condiment enough. Smooth, tasty and not overly nippy this mustard could be licked off the spoon without risking third degree burns. And you’d love it. Just a whiff is enough to make your mouth water!

Originally borne of Newton Pagnell (near Milton Keynes, land of roundabouts) Taylors is now made near Glasgow and we’ll happily champion it as a Scottish sensation.

Less vinegary than Colemans, more mellow and flavoursome than Dijon, it’s great in a sandwich, slathered on any roast or spread on a sausage.

Pick it up in any self respecting supermaket now.

Stovies Food Favourites #1: Your Piece Oatmeal Shortbread

Welcome to a new Stovies section; our Food Favourites.We let you in on our secret weapons, new finds and top tips. Keep your eyes peeled and your tastebuds primed for pleasure….

© Your Piece Baking Co.

Buttery, crunchy, light. What more can you ask for?

An unexpected corner shop purchase but a very worthy gamble. The oatmeal adds another level to the crunchiness whilst staying moist and moreish. Perfect with a cup of coffee and we’re dying to try it out as a cheesecake base.

In a nutshell it’s the lovechild of your Gran’s shortbread and a Hobnob. And it rocks!

Available from Margiotta, Peckhams and Real Foods. For more stockists see website.